Should I refinance my mortgage?

According to experts, if you are on the same mortgage since the past three years or more, chances are there are better deals in the market that you may be missing out on. Steven, a HashChing mortgage broker, explains, “It is good to do a health check on your mortgage from time to time. My… Read More>>

How Mortgage Brokers Act in the ‘Best Interests’ of Their Clients

According to a joint submission from four consumer groups to The Treasury, some mortgage brokers don’t always obtain better-priced loans for their clients, and they don’t always offer them a diverse range of loan options. How can a mortgage borrower make sure to work with the right mortgage broker?… Read More>>

mortgage savings - how to refinance your home loan in 3 steps

Refinancing is when a homeowners takes out another loan which is used to pay off their first mortgage and any secondary liens on their home. If you’re considering to refinance your home loan, it’s important to do your research to ensure you’re making the right decision. The whole process can seem too hard and difficult. Here are 3 easy steps to refinance your mortgage, lower your payments, consolidate debt or pull cash out.… Read More>>

why should you refinance your home loan?

A lower interest rate is an obvious benefit of refinancing your home loan. A lower rate makes your repayments easier to manage, and you save money in interest that can be utilised to pay off the principal faster and reduce the loan term.… Read More>>

switching home loan lenders

n addition to a lower interest rate, there are several other reasons to refinance your home loan. It is possible that your home loan no longer suits your requirements; for example, you might no longer want to pay for certain features in your home loan. … Read More>>

how to overcome mortgage stress

According to experts, borrowers can manage their home loan better by reviewing their interest rate as well as features, that could potentially help them get ahead of their mortgage.… Read More>>

lady holding pink piggy bank

A large number of Australian families are stretching their finances to the limit to service their home loan, making it impossible to save any money for other life goals. Big expenses such as weddings or school fees while servicing a mortgage may feel out of question, especially in the wake of out-of-turn rate hikes by the banks and a flat wage growth!… Read More>>

Sydney Property Investment

Excerpts from this article first appeared on on MARCH 10, 2017, and written by Owen Roberts   Homeowners in the west are paying nearly double Sydney’s average interest rate, with those in The Ponds, Doonside, Quakers Hill and Campbelltown paying as much as 7.88 per cent.     HashChing reveals Australia’s most ‘ripped off’… Read More>>


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