six signs your bathroom needs an upgrade

As the years pass, it is possible that your bathroom is no longer a pleasant place to spend your time or functional enough to accommodate your growing family or things. An awkward layout, broken fixtures, a mismatched colour palette or bad lighting – it is easy to overlook such flaws, but they are clear indications that it is time to make some changes… Read More>>

the real costs of buying a house

If you are planning to buy a home in the near future, in addition to a 20 per cent deposit, you should keep at least 5 per cent of the purchase price handy to take care of the other costs of buying a house. These include stamp duty, conveyancing fees, inspection costs, insurance, loan fees, …… Read More>>

should you renovate or rebuild your home?

If your home no longer feels like the perfect abode, you may be thinking of knocking down some walls or simply rebuilding the entire house. But wait, how do you decide? Should you renovate to add an extra kitchen or a bathroom? Or, should you rebuild to make better use of your land?… Read More>>

make a small bathroom look bigger

Small design upgrades can make your bathroom appear much larger and ensure optimum utilisation of space. Investing some time and money in renovating your bathroom will not only add to your comfort but also to the value of your house. According to experts, kitchen and bathroom renovation projects offer the maximum return on investment if executed properly.… Read More>>

five warning signs to watch for when renovating

Here is how to check if a home’s condition is terminal. For those with enough equity built up in their existing home loan, paying for renovations can be as simple as refinancing their existing home loan.… Read More>>

10-yearly updates to keep your home in top shape

Your home is a precious asset – a place where you live, love, laugh and pray. Thus, it is essential to keep your house in top shape through routine maintenance to avoid inconvenience in the future and save thousands of dollars in repairs.     According to experts, it is crucial to stay up to… Read More>>

Climate Change and Housing

The role of a house in Australia is not just limited to providing shelter. A home, for a large number of people, is their biggest financial asset that they often slog through their lives for. Investors use their houses to generate rental income while mortgages account for a large part of banks’ assets. However, is… Read More>>

refinancing for renovations

If you find that your family has overgrown your house or feel inspired by the latest home décor trends to shift to an open floor plan, renovating your home could be a great option, especially if you cannot afford to buy a new property but look forward to upgrading your existing home. In fact, strategic… Read More>>

should you renovate your property before selling?

Well, there is no clear answer to this one. Every property is different, and apart from your property’s condition, the condition of your local real estate market will play a significant role in answering your query. The main point of renovating before selling is to ensure a better return on investment. Thus, your focus should… Read More>>


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