It's time to boost your savings in 2019

Boosting your savings account can feel like a daunting task. In 2019, commit to a resolution that will help get your money to a healthy place. Here are ten great ways to boost your savings this year that you may not have considered.… Read More>>

Why should you refinance your home loan?

In the competitive mortgage landscape of today, if you are paying anything more than three point something per cent on your home loan, you are possibly throwing away your hard-earned money at the banks, which you could have used otherwise. Yet, many Australian homeowners avoid refinancing their home loans – considering the process to be… Read More>>

Easy way to save more money - Financial knowledge

Learn more about home loans to secure a good deal No knowledge is ever wasted. In fact, basic financial knowledge can go a long way in helping you find a competitive home loan deal, and save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.     However, it is rare to come across a… Read More>>

Lady holding pink piggy bank

Buying a home is a major decision that will affect your finances for years to come. In addition to saving for a deposit, you must also set aside a portion of your monthly income to pay down your mortgage and to meet your regular household expenses. Is it possible to save money while servicing a… Read More>>

How existing home borrowers can save more money on their home loan

Over the past two years, nearly half of the Australian homebuyers have been affected by out of turn rate hikes on their mortgage, despite the RBA maintaining a low cash rate of 1.50 percent for the longest time. At the same time, banks are offering lucrative deals and discounts to new customers that many of… Read More>>

How can you save more money on your mortgage and other bills?

Savvy Australians are saving hundreds of dollars on their mortgage, health insurance and utility bills by simply picking up the phone and demanding a better deal from their service providers!     “Having seen several competitive home loan deals on HashChing, a leading mortgage comparison website, I decided to call up my bank and ask… Read More>>

Overwhelmed man, finance and mortgage decisions

According to a recent survey, over 77% Australians consider themselves to be ‘money smart’, with almost 80 percent of those under 30 and over 80 years of age smug about being ‘financial savvy’. 1,040 Australians participated in the survey where more than 50 percent respondents under 30 years of age considered themselves to be ‘a… Read More>>

Saving Money New Year Resolution

As we swiftly move through the first month of the new year, it is time to reflect on the year gone by and set new goals to achieve in 2018.     Be it learning a new skill or language, getting washboard abs, switching jobs, taking a vacation or buying your first home – surely,… Read More>>


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