use your superannuation to fund your mortgage deposit

It’s no secret that saving for a house is tough. Raising the money for a deposit can seem to take forever, even if you’re consistent with your savings plan. But since 2018, First-home buyers have been allowed to use up to $30,000 of voluntary superannuation contributions to place a mortgage deposit in an effort to help young people gain a foothold in the property market.… Read More>>

How to buy property with SMSF

While holding a property in your SMSF portfolio offers you tax concessions on rental income and no taxes in the pension phase on rental income and capital gains, the process of borrowing money via SMSF is a complicated one and understanding the basics can help you decide whether the strategy works for you or not.… Read More>>

Guide to SMSF Investment Strategy

An SMSF Investment Strategy lays down what all the fund can invest in. It is the responsibility of the trustees to make an investment strategy according to the requirements of the fund members and keep an eye on how the assets are performing. The investment strategy much be reviewed yearly and SMSFs are liable for yearly audits… Read More>>


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