Property investment

Whether it is the first time home-owners or people venturing into the real estate market for the second time, buying property is turning out to be the most favourite hobby of Australians. Being one of the biggest financial decisions you would ever take, don’t be blinded by the crowd while you buy your home. Think… Read More>>

how to fix your home loan rate

With RBA cutting down the cash rates to 2% in June, the home loan rates in Australia are at an all-time low. The question remains:

Will the good times last?

Most Australians believe that the rates might further go down, as there is 2% decline in the number of fixed loans since 2014.… Read More>>

tips for a smart property investment

Rent-investing in property is a growing trend in Australia. Many young couples are choosing to rent in convenient locations while cashing in on the investment wave, riding high on low mortgage rates and first home buyers grant for new constructions.

Kim and Joe were looking forward to buying a dwelling in uptown Sydney. However, with… Read More>>

what is a reverse mortgage?

Worried if your savings would be adequate to ensure a smooth retired life? Cashing into your home equity could be an option to consider.

More and more seniors in Australia are opting for reverse mortgage on their houses in order to fund a comfortable retirement.… Read More>>

equity and home loan for renovation

Your existing home is cramping your lifestyle. Perhaps your family has grown or you just want a different floor plan. Should you move to a brand new property, or renovate the house you currently live in?

Renovating your home usually means increasing its value, making the long-term return on the investment worth the trouble and initial expense.… Read More>>

first home buyers grant eligibility

Do you think it is getting harder to buy a house in Australia, especially for Gen Y? In 2010, a survey by Genworth revealed that the average age of first time house buyers had risen to 31 years from about 25 years in the seventies. In July 2015, ABS revealed that the first home buyers accounted for only 15.4% of the buyers in the market.… Read More>>