The two hottest real estate markets in Australia seem to be letting out steam. Prices in Sydney dropped 0.3 percent in March bringing values down by 2.1 percent on the year. Melbourne prices dropped by 0.2 percent, recording a year to date fall of 0.5 percent. The annual growth in the capital city, however, remained positive at 5.3 percent.

What’s happening in the Australian real estate market

Overall, home prices for the combined capital cities slipped 0.2 percent in March as the annual growth in prices slowed down to 0.8 percent from 10.5 percent in mid-2017. Breaking down the data by individual capitals, prices fell by 0.4 percent in Sydney, 0.2 percent in Melbourne, and 0.1 percent in Adelaide. Perth and Brisbane saw a growth of 0.2 percent and 0.1 percent, respectively, during the period.

What’s happening in the Australian real estate market

House prices in Australia fell for the seventh time in March, propelled majorly by the slowdown in Sydney and Melbourne.

“A combination of tighter mortgage-lending standards, regulatory restrictions on investor loans and affordability constraints are weighing on the Sydney market. While the pace of decline has slowed, few predict a quick rebound,” reports an article on Bloomberg.

The article goes on to quote Tim Lawless, Corelogic’s head of research, who says, “…the prospect for a rebound in capital gains, as seen through late 2016 and early 2017, [is] far less likely.”

As a result, it is not very surprising that property buyers are now setting their sights upon regional cities in Australia, such as Hobart. According to experts, in addition to affordability, the changing nature of work has also enabled many persons to move to regional areas, as they can work remotely and only travel to office when needed. Consequently, regional areas with good connectivity to major cities are expected to show the strongest growth.

Hobart – Where Australian homebuyers are flocking

Hobart was the only capital city where dwelling values rose last month.
Crowned as Australia’s best-performing capital city, Hobart currently offers a median price of $416,840 to home buyers. A very comfortable entry point, indeed, compared to over $900,000 in Melbourne and $1,000,000 in Sydney.

And guess who’s flocking to Hobart – baby boomers preparing for retirement or those looking for a holiday home or a lifestyle property.

ABC News reports that “Regional property markets are now starting to consistently outperform the major capital cities, as retiring baby boomers look for a sea change and younger households look for more affordable locations… The latest data from CoreLogic show home prices were flat nationally last month, but it was a 0.4 percent gain in regional markets that offset a 0.2 percent fall for the capitals.”

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