5 tips on renovating an investment property for profit

5 tips on renovating an investment property for profit Are you Looking for renovation ideas to increase rental income? Well, there are a lot of modifications you can do to your house to increase its liveability as well as yield, but where do you start? Renovating an investment property is different from renovating your own… Read More>>

The secret to financial freedom

How to save on your home loan to achieve financial freedom Do you have a new home loan and can’t wait to get debt free as soon as possible? You try to pay a little extra each month; but life gets in the way at times. It could be an unexpected car repair or a… Read More>>

The real costs of buying a house

Costs of buying a house: The truths   In addition to saving up a deposit, there are other accessory hidden costs of buying a house you must budget for. These costs include various fees and charges such as conveyancing fee, inspection fee, lender’s fee, stamp duty, insurance, etc. and can set you back by almost… Read More>>

5 no-nos when negotiating your home purchase price

Buying a home is one of the most exciting purchases we can make, but also one of the most stressful experience for some of us. Having a good knowledge of the housing market is essential before you even start looking for a home. Here is a short list of what you should not do when… Read More>>

Tips to pay off your mortgage faster

Buying a home is an exciting yet strenuous time. Thus, it is not unusual for homeowners to wait for a few years to get on top of their mortgage before revisiting their interest rate and the amount outstanding on their home loan.     Well, that’s alright, you’d say, as you continue making your monthly… Read More>>

A Day In The Life Of A Mortgage Broker

Historically, prior to the credit crunch, the number of customers working with a mortgage broker compared to those dealing directly with their bank was relatively evenly split.     Now, thanks to the arrival of highly experienced mortgage brokers such as Collins Mayaki many clients have recognised the advantages of consulting an experienced mortgage broker,… Read More>>

Glossary of important financial terms

According to a survey by mortgage lender ME Bank, the majority of first home buyers in Australia do not understand what conveyancing is, aren’t sure what mortgage insurance covers, and are quite ignorant of the auction process. Yet, 70 percent of first homeowners reported that they felt confident making financial decisions, which is quite surprising… Read More>>

Prospective Tenant Red Flags

One of the biggest fear of a landlord is to end up with a terrible tenant. No landlord wants to have problems with their tenants, but no landlord wants to end up paying the tab when the tenant doesn’t pay their rent! Low income? Currently unemployed? Inconsistent Work History? By keeping an eye out for… Read More>>


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