There are several reasons that may have prompted you to sell your home. Of course, there is much you can do to ensure your home doesn’t stay on the market for long but selling a home is not just a financial decision. Apart from crunching the numbers, there will be butterflies in your stomach and that overwhelming feeling as you throw your doors open for inspections by potential buyers, especially if the property has been your home for several years.

Depending on the location of your property, the trend in the area and your comfort level, you may choose to show your house to buyers only on appointment or keep an open house where several potential buyers can view the property at a designated time.


Both the options have their pros and cons, but organising an open house is becoming a popular option with many sellers. Of course, it is much more convenient to have several people view the house in one go, but are you really comfortable with complete strangers walking into your home, rummaging through your stuff and even judging you at times!

Once you have chosen a convenient date for organising an open house (Saturday afternoons usually work out best) and advertised it well, follow these tips for a smooth event and have your property moving off the shelf, faster!

1. Safety First

“People will open cupboards and drawers and it is a good sign. It means they are interested in your property. However, there will be the occasional attendee flipping through your personal belongings or checking the drawers when no one is around. Sellers are often anxious about having strangers peeping inside their pantries and wardrobes, and for the right reasons. We advise our clients to move their precious belongings, cash, jewellery and other valuables and keep them safe, out of the view of the attendees,” advises Karen, a real estate agent.

When you open your doors to complete strangers to come and view your house, it is important to take some safety precautions to protect yourself and your valuables. Apart from moving precious items, jewellery and cash out of the sight of visitors, do ask visitors to show their IDs when they come for viewing your house. It is also a good idea to have a friend or family member around, apart from your property agent, to keep a watch and help you during the event.

“One important thing every seller must remember is not to entertain visitors outside the fixed open house hours,” adds Karen.

2. Mind over heart

Inviting strangers over to inspect the property that has been your home for years can be an emotional roller coaster. While you understand the practical aspect of the situation, it is important to prepare yourself emotionally for the sale and plan your next move, accordingly. Removing personal items from the home such as photographs and memorabilia will go a long way in helping you detach from the property. It will also increase the chances of a sale as buyers can see the house in its actual condition, without your mark on it, giving them an opportunity to visualise themselves in the house and decide whether they want to be there, forever!

Many sellers also choose to dress their property for sale by stripping down personal accessories, making minor repairs, removing the clutter and moving out any items that are not a part of the sale.

3. Marketing it right

Apart from informing people about your open house, it is helpful to put a signboard outside your property to guide the visitors. Often, a lack of signboards makes it difficult for the visitors to find the property and can turn away potential buyers.

Each buyer usually visits several open houses in any single day. Given that fact, what are the chances a prospective buyer will remember your house over the others? To ensure your house stays in the minds of prospective buyers, it’s a good idea to provide each visitor an attractive brochure containing photographs of your house and other important information, including the price and specifications, which they can keep handy. Talk to your agent about this option.

While you prepare to sell your house, it is also the right time to stage your next move. Whether you are planning to downsize or relocate to another city, you must check your borrowing capacity and see how much you can afford to spend before you go shopping for your next property. Compare home loans online to get more out of your purchase by choosing a competitive home loan deal with lowest interest rates in the market. Expert mortgage brokers, whom you can contact here for free, will be happy to assist you in financing your new home!

By Vidhu Bajaj



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